Cost Saving Tips

Price is not everything, yet it is the most important component of decision making when it comes to building your Dream Home. Every situation is different. There is a Trio of Cost, Quality, and Schedule, it is the balance you have to achieve from your homeowner’s perspective. You can cut one at the cost of the other. Better price at the cost of schedule slows down or the quality of what you put in or the other way around.

Questions you have to ask yourselves. Do you care for brand name finishes? If not buy for the functionality never for the hype. Is it worth hiring nonprofessionals flyby night jack of all master of none contractors? Almost never, cause you are better off buying a readymade house than to do that. House is a complex aggregate of lots of components, it will be a living nightmare moving into a house built on low-cost labor practice. Make sure you have chosen your site or land with due consideration. A very steep hillside land you will buy cheap but building costs will skyrocket. It is ok if the view from the property is the goal in mind and you don’t care for a substantially flat pad. Most people do ’cause flat pad is where your children play. Choose your design team very carefully. A good Architect and structural engineer can always be creative and make the project cost-effective.

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