Our Vision

What makes Silicon Valley Builders unique and unparalleled in the building industry is its expertise in engineering and vast experience in design and development. Silicon Valley Builders’ homes are built not just to code but to self-imposed higher standards in order to ensure the longevity and highest possible quality of the property.

Quality decisions that we make every day determine the strength, quality, and beauty of each of our homes. Our passion is to build our clients’ dream homes. Be it an elegant, cozy, traditional, trendy or contemporary home. If you can dream it we can build it!

Our latest custom home in Palo Alto

Our Story

Silicon Valley Builders was founded in 2007, but its roots in design and development are ancient. Unlike most builders, the Founder and CEO Mike Zaidi is a licensed Mechanical Engineer. Since 1987, Mike has been designing, developing, project managing and building commercial and industrial projects. His first company Pascaltech was involved in the biotech, biopharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

The finesse in the homes built by Silicon Valley Builders comes from the past design experience of projects ranging from clean rooms to biotech and biopharmaceutical facilities. The balancing act in the aesthetics of what makes a house grand is something innate to Silicon Valley Builders; crown moldings, designer paint colors and high-end hardware alone does not necessarily make a home elegant. Added amenities that some builders do not consider, like integrated home systems and quality green materials, are the elements that bring Silicon Valley Builders projects into perfect balance.


Mike Zaidi


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