Get a custom home built by experts in Santa Clara

If you are thinking of building a custom home in Sunnyvale, CA, you can expect to receive excellent customer service from us. We specialize in custom home rebuilding services, remodeling, and home additions. Whether you are new to the area or have lived here all of your life, we look forward to helping you design and build a home that will serve all of your needs and provide you with a comfortable and relaxing place to live.

Beautiful Custom Homes in Santa Clara


Custom Homes in Silicon Valley

When a person is ready to buy a home, the typical thing to do is find a real estate agent, explain the requirements and budget, then hope for the best outcome. This path often leads to dissatisfaction. The houses on the market sell quickly, and many of them sell for much more than the asking price. Bidding wars can be stressful, and a buyer might end up spending more money than they wanted to on a house that does not meet all of their needs. Instead of dealing with this, a good solution is to work with our custom home builders in Sunnyvale, CA. We listen to you and work out the design of your new home with your needs and preferences in mind. You can leave all of the nitty-gritty details to us, including pulling permits and vetting the expert craftsmen who will work on your home. We provide you with excellent communication throughout every step of the process, and we ensure your total satisfaction with us and the home we build for you. No matter what size, style or type of home you have in mind, we look forward to helping you get the home of your dreams.

Home Remodeling Services

Many homes are structurally sound and have solid foundations and bones, but they might need some updates. Homes built in the 1970s and earlier may benefit from our remodeling services. We modernize older homes in order to make them more functional for today’s lifestyle. Whether you want to get rid of the old wood paneling and spindles or remove walls and reconfigure the layout, we can update your home to make it in line with newly built homes. Our remodeling services are ideal for changing lifestyles, aging in place or making your home accessible for those with disabilities. Whether you are looking for a bigger master bathroom or a kitchen that doubles as a hub for your home, we can build it.

Home Additions by an Experienced Home Builder

You may have purchased a small home in the Silicon Valley in order to get a foothold in the booming real estate market. If your family has grown, you may need more space in order to accommodate everyone comfortably. The addition of a pet or your new work-from-home job may also necessitate an addition to your home. You may also want to accommodate elderly members of your family, holiday guests or occasional overnight visitors with more comfort. Our custom home builders in Sunnyvale offer home additions to expand your living space. We begin by surveying your property and securing the necessary permits for the floor plan you want. From in-law or teen suites to master suites or man caves, we can build it onto your existing homes. We also offer specialty home additions, including sunrooms, enclosed patios, two-story additions, and great rooms.

Energy-Efficient Custom Home Building Services

In addition to our luxury custom homes and beautiful home remodeling and addition services, we also offer the option for energy-efficient and sustainable customized homes. While we always use ethical sourcing and top-quality materials on every project, our home builders recognize that sustainable homes offer enhanced comfort and lower costs to our customers. We offer sustainable, custom-built homes featuring energy-efficient windows, doors, roofs, and insulation. For the home’s interior, we offer sustainable flooring, low-VOC paints and drywall, eco-friendly carpeting and more. We ensure that your new home is well-insulated, which also reduces energy consumption. During the design stage, we review the site where your home will be built and configure the layout and orientation of the structure in order to make it more energy-efficient. We look forward to working with you and designing a custom new home or home addition in beautiful Sunnyvale.