Energy Efficient Sustainable Green Homes built by Silicon Valley Builders

buildit_green_logoSustainable Building

Mike Zaidi is a Licensed Professional Engineer, and Silicon Valley Builders has been employing green building practices, in their developments since the company’s inception in 2007

Silicon Valley Builders is a proud member of Build it Green

  • All our homes are rated by an independent Energy Raters.
  • Double Pane Argon filled low e windows does not only provide an excellent heat barrier from conduction convection and radiation but also the sound barrier.
  • Seven-day Programmable Thermostats to adjust the temperature throughout the day and the week, they also provide extra comfort at low energy bills.
  • 60% of the energy bill in a house comes from Heating and Cooling.
  • Our houses are insulated based on Title 24 or better.
  • Internal walls are usually insulated for soundproofing.
  • The structure is properly sealed to minimize air leaks the main source of energy loss.
  • Recessed can light are sealed so unconditioned air is not pumped back into the conditioned space.
  • No invasive species are planted.
  • Turf is not installed in areas of more than 10% slope.
  • No spray sprinklers are installed in areas of width less than 8 ft.
  • The system uses low drip, bubblers or sprinklers.
  • Door or window headers are sized for the load.
  • Oriented Strand Board is installed for subfloors.
  • Oriented Strand Board is installed for wall and roof sheathing.
  • Minimum 16-inch overhang and gutters are installed.
  • Use durable and fire-resistant material for Roofing.
  • All Hot Water Pipes are insulated.
  • Usually, High-Efficiency On-demand Water Heater is installed.
  • High-Efficiency Toilets are installed.
  • High-efficiency sealed furnaces are installed.
  • High-efficiency Air Conditioned units with environmentally friendly refrigerants are installed.
  • High-Efficiency HVAC filters are used.
  • Energy Star super quiet bathroom fans are installed.
  • Homes are usually provided with conduits to wire for future photovoltaic installation.
  • Quality of wall and ceiling insulation is inspected before sheetrock is installed.
  • Low VOC paint is used for all internal walls and ceilings.
  • Energy Star Appliances are installed.
  • All shower pans are hot-mopped to prevent water leakage.
  • All home front entrances can be seen from the street or from other home entrances for safety.

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