Myths & Facts of House Building

Putting efforts into realizing your dreams to come true is an exhilarating task. Building your Dream Home is no different. What helps if in the big collage of things you have the professional help to decipher facts from the myths.

Fact: Dream of your Home can be translated on the paper. Myth: Everyone can do it. Fact: Building a house requires professional help. Myth: Anyone can build Fact: Finishes take painstaking details. Myth: Building the main structure is intensive. Fact: Details on the house determines its price point. Myth: $ per square foot is fixed. Fact: Cost plus fee gives better Price & House. Myth: Lumpsum price gives peace of mind. Fact: Hillside Construction costs more. Myth: All construction costs the same. Fact: Being Frugal brings value. Myth: Excessive Spending gives a great house. Fact: Negotiating pennies is not wise. Myth: The space ship was built by the lowest bidder. Fact: Creativity is a rare Talent a must in Development. Myth: Available at a grocery store. Fact: Smell the site dirt & you can envision the Home. Myth: Homes are built by Accident.