What you Imagine is Real

Picasso is the authority when it comes to imagination. There is no other reality except our imagination. We live in a world of Virtual Reality. When we walk in the Park what we see the colors the textures and the smells are unique to our umwelt. Any other living animal or organism will see or feel different which we cannot possibly imagine cause we are not living in her umwelt.

It is for that reason building your dreams is a monumental task, we at Silicon Valley Builders do not take it lightly. We cannot be living in your umwelt but we for sure try hard to come very close. By a sequence of interviews with you, we come close to understanding your needs. We then formulate a process where we put our artistic cap on your needs in light of what is available in the market and propose the best solutions to the aesthetic task at hand of homebuilding.

The result is a home just like in the picture with your children in it. It is a shelter over your heads someplace you look forward to getting back to, at the end of the day every day. As we develop your home, a reflection of your dreams, we just hope for Picasso to be on our side and our guide. Call us (408)-202-6794