The Art of Taking a Picture

The art of taking pictures is another component of making a beautiful house look beautiful. This picture of our project was taken by Jeff Juliana Lee partner, with the magical eye of his camera. It helped Juliana sell this house without any difficulty. In my business, I am blessed to have the amazing realtors who have done phenomenal work for me.

Gratitude is an Amazing Thing, It sets you Free!!

Our Journey started with Grace Wu may her soul rest in peace. She was dedicated to her work, she earned my respect, and taught me real estate. My gratitude to Bob Gerlach Compass for introducing me to her. His recommendations have never failed. John Forsyth James who helped me in 2008 when the real estate market tanked. Jackie Schoelerman her service never stops. Julie Tsai Law always kind. Hannah Sachem, Coldwell Banker who has never failed me. Eddie Halenbeck has always been helpful. Jennifer Buenrostro has always brought a qualified customer. Wendy McPherson who has helped the agents who helped me. Monique Lombardelli helpful always. Last but not least Ken Deleon and Mike Repka, Repka means business, giving & sweetness never ends for Deleon.