The subject of Architecture never stops to amaze me!

Custom 8,4 sf two-story residence

If you think the picture of the house above is grand, it is. However, the art of architecture is to create grand out of nothing. Pool and Hot tub in the center, Pool house on the right, 9.2 surround sound Theater, Outdoor BBQ, high heat Wok burner, Pizza oven on the left, and the grand residence in the center is the house we build. Layered and balanced roof-lines arches columns and squares with depth in elevation, it is an exhibit of craftsmanship and design that makes it grand.

The art of architecture does not necessarily need the massive square footage of the house to consider it grand. It is the open floor plan, all the elements aesthetics, and utility in place, and a welcoming approach that will make the house grand. We have done this many times over, build a small house that appeared grand. Sometimes subjected to the very difficult constraints, it is our art of creation which will still make a smaller home look grand, is what will surprise you.