Automation in our Home Designs

AI & Automation Will Replace Most Human Workers Because They Don’t Have to Be Perfect—Just Better Than You. “Ellen Roppel Shell”

Automation will replace humans, True, but while it does, it will bring a whole lot of comfort in our lives before it disrupts anything. When horses were replaced by the automobile, the horse caretaker’s jobs got disrupted but a barrage of Automobile Jobs were created. When Kodak film making was disrupted by Digital a whole new world of Digital opened up. Let’s embrace automation to bring all sorts of new possibilities comfort and luxury. That is what we do at Silicon Valley Builders. We acquired the dealership of the Crestron Home Automation System and installed it in our own project.

Full Home Automation is suited specifically for a large home that may not be necessary for a small house. Imagine if you have 200 light switches or devices to turn on or off for a different event or at going to bed in the night. You touch a goodnight switch and every programmed device goes to the sleep mode, it is the power of Automation. The joys of Automation in home design are numerous. Whether it is the touch screen panel that you will use to set up the music in the house to welcome you or the comfort temperature of your house for a pool party before you leave the office or command your colorful pool lights, laminar light water flow, water & fire feature, and jacuzzi or Outdoor Pizza Oven to come on, all add comfort to life. Keyless door entry, remotely opening the entry door when you are out and children come home sooner or turning the window shades on or off throughout the house with the comfort of a touch from your bed.

Silicon Valley Builders incorporate all kinds of challenging automation to your house if it is necessary, requested, or warranted.