Happy Fourth, Wear the Masks !!!

Happy 4th, the independence day, everyone. As we are commemorating the Declaration of independence of the United States July 4, 1776, as adopted by the Continental Congress declaring that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to the monarch of Britain King Jorge III, we need to be mindful of the threat at hand that has disrupted our economic and social fabric due to its brute force, yes I am talking about Covid19.

Getting us freedom was the task then. Combating this invisible microbe that hurts the most to the most vulnerable, the old fragile, and the poor of the society, for one reason or the other, is the task of today. The old and the fragile because their immune system cant fight it and poor cause they live from day to day. It not only takes away the daily wages that help them put the food on the table and also because they cannot afford social distancing. So please be kind to them, help them wherever you can whether it is your Gardner or a youth waiting tables. Please leave a little extra cash for them, that is how we celebrate our freedom.

When we go out to celebrate our most accomplished feat of freedom, let’s wear masks, and maintain social distancing. It will be uncharacteristic of the great nation of ours which is the symbol of hope across the globe to not observe those precautionary measures. Not wearing masks hurts mostly others, not just us, it will be outright selfish, not to observe safety. Last time I checked we were known to be considerate, known for our kindness and giving. Over two centuries ago the Celebration of the fourth was Fireworks and Barbeques, with the changing tide today it will now be Consideration, Care, and Giving. By observing the safety measures that Giving should be the Hallmark of today’s Celebrations! Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!!