About $$, Cents & Real Estate

Sure building your Home is a dream that no other dream can match but it is really about Dollars & Cents. This will be the most beneficial decision you will ever make in your investment portfolio. Stocks can go up or down all day long. Sure Apple, the Googles, the Facebooks, and the Amazons are the sure thing of today, but already inflated and only represent the past.

home construction dollar bills

Nobody knows what the Google of tomorrow will be? Kodak was on top one day, digital technology funded by Kodak disrupted it. Fossil fuels are about to be disrupted by free and abundantly available Solar. These disruptions of past we know but not of the future. Sitting on the top of the stock market for too long is very hard. It is guaranteed that some of the Giants sitting on the top of the stock market today will be disrupted in the next decade. It is very hard to tell which one is going down and we may be riding down with it, that downfall is usually abrupt and not slow.

Real estate has been the fastest way of accumulating wealth in the US especially if invested in prime neighborhoods whose business model you know. You need to know the market, who buys it, who sells it, what to buy, how much to buy for, what to build, what not to build, and how to sell. It is then hard to lose money and you have made it.

If it is your primary residence then time is on your side, you are your own customer, and you are unbeatable. We have done this many times over. You may be thinking you don’t have the resources, don’t decide it on your own.

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