Custom Home Building

You can always buy a home ready to move in, but it will not be custom-built to reflect your Dreams. The joy of a home build just for you brings immeasurable joy. It is a process like nothing else in life. it is just like having a puppy-dog. Once you begin the process you will be inseparable from it. it is like having a brush and palette of colors, spreading the colors from your brush, taking every step in the process of construction. It becomes your insignia, it becomes you, it will represent you. We at SVB take you thru the entire process of procuring the land, designing and permitting the project if needed, and building it. We call it our turnkey operation, one point of contact for you, a totally integral process.

How to make it easy and painless? Bring a developer on board who is as passionate about your home as you are. Whose eyes are not only at the aesthetics but also on the bottom line, the overall cost of the project, not for him but for you. Bring a contractor who builds it at a fixed fee for the service with no change orders. Bring someone with the credibility to deliver. We at Silicon Valley Builders take great pride in delivering all the above. We will build your dream home at a fixed fee which we don’t expect to change regardless if we goldplate or silverplate the project. It provides peace of mind and zero conflict of interest. The customer then pays the barebone cost of the house. The customer can make as many changes as needed, the developer’s fee remains unaltered.

To experience all this, to watch your dream home developed in front of your and your children’s eyes, to get a free evaluation of your project, and to experience how it all begins by making a right phone call, Please Call 4082026794.