Why Build Green Homes?

Johan Rockstrom from Stockholm Resilience Centre established the Planetary Boundaries in 2009, beyond which reversal of our goldilocks conditions will be impossible. Project Drawdown Sausalito CA follows suit, put resources together in 2014 to draw down the greenhouse gases to take the existential threat off our radar. The great science centers of our world are concerned, should we not?

We do our part. As builders/developers, we emphasize building Green Homes, nothing but green. It does not take a whole lot to make buildings green. It is not only good conscience it is also commonsense. It makes building economical by giving tremendous ROI in saving energy bills. It is a smart pocketbook measure. Cities are getting up to speed and adding measures to make the new construction green, to us it is the conscience. We at Silicon Valley Builders are always ahead of the regulators to meet our obligation to the planet, we call home.