Is building your house a nightmare? It always is:

The reason is that building a home is not like McDonald’s where over a billion burgers sold, mostly alike, not that hard of a choice, but when it comes to building a house you have hundreds of changing parts, a decision-making nightmare. The contractor has a conflict of interest if the contractor chooses a better piece it cuts into his bottom line. For the peace of mind and building a quality home, it requires segregation of the builder fees from the actual construction material labor and subcontractor costs.

That gives customers the peace of mind that the builder’s advice they get in the choices of the material they should select will be a professional and good one. There is no conflict of interest cause the builder is building the house on a fixed fee and there are no change orders. It is for that reason we like to build houses on a fee plus basis. An additional benefit to us is that we have a happy customer, we are never overcharging, fees remain fixed. We value our advice to the customer, It also helps us because our advice is taken with trust. It helps us create the home that customers dreamed of. It comes with a little more freedom for us to exercise our creativity.