How to Navigate Home Building

Nobody said the pleasure and joy of a custom home built as per your dreams will come without any effort. The prize is there staring at you, you just have to go get it. It is like a mother having a child, the pain she goes thru to bring that new soul to life, ask her if the pain was worth the reward. You will have your answer.

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  1. Team: Like in any business venture, the people who execute your dreams need to get the most scrutiny and the focus in selection. Just like a venture capitalist gives the utmost importance to the team selection before investing. Make sure the team has the skills, aesthetic sense, and the eye, to understand the following.
  2. Location of the property: The location of your home is not just important for living it is also an important consideration for developing the property. A flat simple access lot will cost a lot less to build than a hillside with obscure access.
  3. Design: From the getgo, you have to decide what design theme you want to follow? Whether it is a Traditional, Mediterranean, Ranch, Craftsman, Mission Revival, Spanish Colonial, Cape Cod, Tuscan, Tudor, Victorian, French, or the eye-catching Modern and Contemporary or the consistent blend. Consistent is the operative word here. You want to be consistent, follow a theme, or the variation of it, in a consistent manner or it will look like an afterthought, not desirable.
  4. Foundation: The soil report can narrow the range for what kind of foundation is feasible for your property. If it is a small lot and a flat land you can get by with the Slab Foundation or the T-Foundation. For a bigger lot or the hillside foundation, Pier and Beam foundation may be more suitable.
  5. Waterproofing: If needed employ a professional team to protect your investment. The properly waterproofed house provides the best ROI (Return on your Investment).
  6. Framing: Framing is when the bulk of your dream home is erected. A building is not any stronger than its structure. We design the structure for heavyweight cement tiles, to easily withstand the load of lightweight roofing material and have the room to accommodate any future loads like solar panels, etc. The trick of the trades, we leave a penny depth space in the boards to minimize Stucco cracking.
  7. Drywall: Always use 5/8 inch drywall for sturdy-looking walls and a necessity for a smooth level five finishes.
  8. Granite or the Quartz slabs, tiles, fixtures, cabinets and the appliances to be selected based on the theme of our design, whether it is Traditional, Mediterranean, Ranch, Craftsman, or Contemporary, staying consistent with the theme.
  9. The security system, Audio Visual system, network, and central vacuum system are a lot easier to be embedded in the houses at the time of construction than to struggle with them later to look like an afterthought.
  10. The color palette for interior and the exterior of the house is to be carefully chosen to flow with the design and to provide variation so it is not only consistent but not boring.